Spektrum Smart Micro 4 port AC/DC 1S LiPo Charger SPMXC1040I



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Overview The Spektrum™ Micro 4 Smart charger is a 4-port tool for the RC pilot who wants the ultimate in 1S LiPo battery charging. Featuring Spektrum Smart Charging technology, its digital LED status screen delivers vital battery information in a clear manner the instant you connect. Its compact all-in-one design incredibly offers four independent charging channels, each with enough built-in connectors so that charging multiple 1S batteries with the highest level of precision is easy. Each of the four charging channels is built-in with independent circuitry to enhance charge precision and efficiency. Vivid LED status lighting includes individual 4-digit displays and multi-color LEDs so you can instantly see the charge phase and battery condition. The simple press-dial interface allows you to finely tune the charge rates from 0.05 to 1.2A making it possible to fast-charge most high rated batteries. Exclusive software detects LiPo and LiHV 1S batteries automatically and combines with Spektrum Smart Charging technology so your batteries get maximum protection against short circuit, over current, reverse polarity and input voltage errors. The Micro 4 AC/DC system works when connected to a standard wall outlet or you can even take the Micro 4 charger on the go. Unlike charging multiple 1S batteries in parallel, each battery is individually recognized. As a result, you can charge individual 1S batteries with the precision of much more expensive charge units and possibly extend the life of all of your 1S batteries. Features Smart charging features include protection against a short circuit, over current and more Simple, one-touch command dial interface makes operation easy Four independent ports for the ultimate in charge precision Individual LED displays show battery current, capacity and voltage Versatile design includes four connector types built into each charge port Independent charging circuits for improved speed and efficiency Charge flexibility with adjustable charge currents from 0.05 to 1.2A Integrated cooling system promotes unit reliability Visual and audio charge status indicator system Convenient AC and DC input (11 – 15v DC)


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