SkyRc D260 AC/DC LiPo 1-6s 14A 260W Charger



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Product information ””SkyRC D260 AC/DC LiPo 1-6s 14A 260W Charger”” The SKYRC D260 charger is an AC / DC charger that makes charging batteries easier than ever before thanks to its intuitive operation. With two independent circuits, two batteries of different types can be charged simultaneously. With 130W and a maximum of 14A, the D260 is a fantastic solution for all RC drivers. The device is equipped with five buttons and an LCD display including backlight and offers simple operation even for beginners. Just as professionals are already used to from previous models. Features:   Two separate charging channels with max. 130W per channel (total 260W) User-friendly and simple menu navigation Micro USB socket for firmware upgrade Charge, Discharge and Storage Charge Display of single cell voltage, total voltage, capacity, operating temperature, charging time and much more Many different charging programs, including e.g. a special one to be able to store batteries for a longer time perfectly Suitable for various battery types (LiPo, LiFe, LiIon, LiHV, NiCd, NiMH, PB) 10 Profile Memory slots for each charging and discharging Technical Specifications: Input Voltage DC: 11-18V Input Voltage AC: 100-240V Max. Charge Power: 2x 130W Max. Discharge Power: 2x 10W Charge Current: 2x 0.1-14.0A Discharge Current: 2x 0.1-2.0A Current Drain for Balancer Port: 500mA/cell DC Power Supply Output: 5-25V / 2x 130W Number of cells (LiPo/LiIon/LiFe/LiHV): 1-6 cells Number of cells (NiMH / NiCd): 1-15 cells Pb Battery Voltage: 2-20V Weight: 896g Dimensions: 160x150x71mm Delivery: 1x SKYRC D260 charger 2x charging cables (XT60) 1x power cord 1x instruction manual German / English


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