SAB Goblin

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SAKR84 – KR84 TORTUGA ROBODRONE  The SAB model is the semi-scale 1/8 of the KR84 TORTUGA Robodrone version that fought in the Kemp battle of 513 Tortuga is a full sandwich fiber glass / Airex fuselage (made under vacuum) Super rigid, ready for high speed All parts are already painted Horns are already mounted Super-fast assembly, in 2 hours the model is ready to fly SPECIFICATIONS   Wing span: 84 cm Wing area: 2400 cm Maximum lenght: 81 cm Weight RTF: 1.55 kg (maximum total weight: 1.7 kg) Kit includes: Complete structure (already painted) Horns and servo holders Screws and bolts Linkages (all you need) Manual ELECTRONIC SPECIFICATIONS   4 channels 6S — 2600 / 3200 mAh 2200 kV motor, 28-36 mm 100-120A-ESC, 5×5 propeller Max motor size: 36 mm diameter Max motor weight: 150 grams Battery compartment: 55x45x200 mm 2x mini wing servos 30x10x30 1x micro servo 12×23  


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