Hobbywing Xerun 4274SD Brushless Motor G3 2250kV Truck Monster 30405001



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The Xerun 4274 G3 motor offers RC drivers of 1/8 truck models great driving fun with even better performance. It owes this to the improved design and the efficiency in combating the heat that arises. Because compared to the G2 predecessor engines, this has been increased by 6%, which significantly reduces the heat generation. 100% sensor mode With the built-in chip, the Xerun G3 motor can also be recognized by Hobbywing Xerun XR8 controllers. This combination results in a 100% sensor-controlled drive system. In addition, the Hall sensor system ensures a clean and stable run in sensor mode. Note: If the motor is connected to other controllers, there is no guarantee that the sensor mode is active. Turbo timing technology When used with a controller from the XERUN XR8 series, ””Turbo Timing”” can also be activated. This is already used very successfully in the 1/10 on-road area and also releases the last power reserves of the engine. Features Low heat development Low detent torque High quality materials and excellent workmanship Easy construction  Dust-tight according to IP5X standard (1900kV, 2200kV and 2250kV) Technical specifications: Scale: 1/8 Type: Brushless Sensored Power: 2250kV Consumption without load: 5A Cell count LiPo: 2-6S Number of poles: 4th Length: 74mm Diameter: 42mm Shaft diameter: 5mm Weight: 354g Timing: 20-40 degrees (adjustable) Commitment: 1/8 truck, monster truck content: 1x motor 1x sensor cable 1x user manual (English)


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