HFF ZEAL-VLS Carbon Fiber Tail Blades 115mm (White)



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ZEAL-VLS Tail Blades 115mm  is a very efficient tail blade with variable geometry and special designed blade tip. Support to increased performance at higher rpms and reduced vibrations Zeal Rotor Blades – Desire Nothing Less; Want Nothing More With a passion for cutting edge performance, Zeal rotor blades define the intensity you feel with RC helicopter flight, unlocking the drive to push harder, faster & lower.  Constructed of the highest quality carbon fiber layup, Zeal rotor blades are optimized for modern day RC helicopter performance, designed & ready to be pushed like no other blade on the market today.  Balanced with an optimal center of gravity, and coalescing symmetrical airfoil technology chosen for maximum levels of rotor performance, Zeal rotor blades were brought forth to suit the demands of those in search of the extremes.  With Zeal rotor blades, quality & composition can be seen, felt & heard – a quality that is synonymous with the passion behind the performance. Composed of true carbon fiber construction, these light weight rotor blades were designed for maximum agility & performance, providing rapid control inputs with crisp response capability. Outfitted to perform, and constructed with the rigors of modern day flybarless technology, Zeal rotor blades allow any pilot to choose a blade that will add that extra element of intensity, providing a flight that will not soon be forgotten.  Features: High Quality Carbon Fiber Construction Light Weight with High Strength Optimized Airfoil Design for Maximum Performance Multiple Size Ranges Available Factory Balanced with Optimized Center of Gravity High Agility Design  Included: (1) Set of Tail Rotor Blades  Specifications: Material: Carbon fiber Length: 115mm (bolt hole to blade tip) Weight: approx 7.5g (single blade) Bolt hole diameter: 3mm Root thickness: 5mm


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