AGF ARX-482R 2.4Ghz 4CH Vertical Type FHSS Compatible Receiver



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Specification Operating Voltage:3.5V~8.4V Dimension:23.6×18.4×28.4mm Weight:7.3g  No. Of Channels:4CH PWM Mode:Normal/ SHR/ SSR   Compatibility Compatible with SANWA FH3/FH4T remote control system. Suitable for remote control M12, M11X, EXZES X, MT-4, GEMINI X, MT-S, MT-4S, M12S, M17.MT-44 Feature 1) Bidirectional communication system, monitor the receiver voltage by transmitter in real time; 2) Compatible stabilizing voltage, operating voltage can up to 1-2s lipo, sudden low voltage won’t be   out of control; 3) High sensitivity built-in antenna, full 4CH output + BAT port suitable for all kinds of remote control cars, simulation rock crawlers. 4) L-shape design, small size to save more space for rc car.   Bind Procedure 1) Turn on the transmitter, get to the SYSTEM menu and select BIND; 2) Pressing the ””SET”” button of receiver and power on, the LED on the receiver will flash slowly. Press and hold the “SET” button for 2 seconds then release, the LED on the receiver will keep flashing slowly; 3) Select BIND menu in the transmitter and press ENTER while the LED on the receiver is flashing slowly. The LED will be off immediately. 4) Press ENTER again on the transmitter, the LED will be solid, indicating binding process is successful; 5) Please repeat the above procedure if binding is failed. Weight:7.3g Voltage:3.5-8.4V


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